Books By Rae Lewis-Thornton

Books by Rae Lewis-Thornton
Rae Lewis-Thornton has authored three books, Unprotected: A Memoir, The Politics of Respectability, Amazing Grace:Letters Along My Journey.

Rae's tell all memoir, Unprotected: A Memoir is scheduled to be released ealy 2016. In this book she traces her abusive childhood that lead to her own self-abuse that lead to her HIV status.

The Politics of Respectability was released May 2012. Rae traces the issues around "the politics of respectability," in her life from her mother to Delta Sigma Theta Sorority resending her honorary membership.

Rae's first book Amazing Grace letters Along my Journey released in 2004 is a wonderful book of letters sent to Rae Lewis-Thornton over the years of her AIDS Activism. This book is out of print.